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Protecting Edge/IOT distributed environment with next-gen cyber security solution
Supermicro is leveraging advanced product designs to provide expandable, power-optimized, ultrareliable computing with forward-thinking software platform partners, building application-ready solutions for multiple vertical markets.
AI EdgeLabs is a powerful and autonomous cybersecurity AI solution to respond immediately to ongoing attacks and protect your Edge/IoT devices and critical infrastructure from malware, ransomware, DDoS, botnets, and other threats in real time.
AI EdgeLabs Solution
AI EdgeLabs is an innovative Edge-first solution sits directly on Edge computer or IoT gateway and is optimized for easy integration, high performance, and runtime cost efficiency.
High-level Integration scheme
AI EdgeLabs Capabilities
Ubuntu/Debian/CentOs; ARM or x86 Platforms; Nvidia Jetpack devices; Yocto devices and more
Integrates directly into the infrastructure within minutes - zero system downtime or changes.
Keeping organization’s data secure inside host infrastructure–no outside data transition needed.
Automated remediation and response significantly reduces downtime.
Lightweight, Sensor + Ai Inference digest no more then 4% of CPU.
Can work fully offline or with unstable connection.
On-prem deployments possible.
Supermicro & AI Edgelabs solution
Together, Supermicro and AI EdgeLabs offer a full suite of Edge/IoT infrastructure protection. Customers searching for a secure and adaptable solution for their Edge/IoT distributed environments will find it all-encompassing, multi-layered, reliable, flexible, and with increased compatibility under severe conditions.
Benefits of cooperating with us:
  • Secure intelligence platform: Supermicro and AI Edgelabs provide a secure and reliable intelligence platform, ensuring that critical infrastructure is protected at all times.
  • Harsh environment compatibility: The devices are designed suitable for industrial, outdoor, and other challenging applications.
  • A multi-layered security solution: AI EdgeLabs provides ensures that all components of the Edge ecosystem are protected at all layers of Edge ecosystem.
  • Secure Edge/IoT infrastructure: The devices are capable of supporting multiple Edge/IoT applications, providing greater flexibility for customers.
AI Edgelabs software runs on most computers, gateways and servers with both x64 and ARM architectures provided by Supermicro. Minimal requirements are listed below. Based on the requirements, both PaaS and SaaS model are possible.
Integration requirements
Architecture: x64 / ARM64
Performance:  Intel Celeron N3000 or better
Linux based operating systems (Ubuntu, RHEL etc.)
Securing Supermicro family for Edge/IoT*
Supermicro SuperServer E302-9D
SuperServer® E302-9D
Supermicro SuperServer E50-9AP
SuperServer® E50-9AP
Supermicro SuperServer E100-12T-E
IoT SuperServer®