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Detect and respond to Edge
and connected IoT security
threats in real-time with 99% accuracy

Powerful and Autonomous

Use a powerful and autonomous cybersecurity AI solution to respond immediately to ongoing attacks and protect your Edge/IoT critical infrastructure from malware, ransomware, DDoS, botnets, and other threats.
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We deliver the next-generation of cybersecurity focused solely on the Edge and connected IoT environments
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Cyber AI

AI EdgeLabs enables smart decisions and
autonomous actions to protect from
in-progress attacks. Our intelligence
platform helps find vulnerabilities and
shield against new types of threats
in minutes via intuitive and responsive
protocols for immediate remediation.

Zero-day threats &
attacks detection

AI EdgeLabs recognizes threat patterns - new risks
and latent threats - based on exploration and
grouping without prior labeling, combining
Unsupervised Machine Learning and Reinforcement
Learning models. The platform consists of an
AI-powered model stack that continuously checks
traffic behavior through pre-trained algorithms
used to prevent, detect, and block threat sources
and attacks in real-time.

Full visibility and

AI EdgeLabs delivers early threat detection and risk
assessment, prompt alerts, robust security reports,
incident statuses, and recommendations on how to solve
an issue. Our centralized dashboard offers attack surface
visibility and network topology signaling for abnormal
behavior and incidents. It also provides a low noise-to-signal
ratio for lateral movement attack detection at scale.

Easy and safe integration into your complex

The AI EdgeLabs Sensor is deployed on the Edge to
keep enterprise data safe inside the infrastructure. The
EdgeLabs Sensor is a proprietary lightweight network
telemetry and monitoring agent that continuously
scans and reports network and Edge/IoT Gateway
performance and configuration.

Methods of Protection

Advanced Edge/ IoT
Network Visibility
AI-based Early
Threat Detection
Edge/IoT Asset
Automated Incident
Response & Remediation
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Our Mission:

To protect a new highly interconnected world against any kind of threat and ongoing attack assertively and immediately, with the accuracy it demands.
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Protect your Edge
and IoT environment
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Scalarr has been on a mission to be the go-to solution for
cybersecurity since 2016. Its AI-powered solutions are recognized
as the most advanced and accurate for early and effective threat
detection, protection, and remediation.
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